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Cyclamen sp.



Common Names:



Up to 30cm (h) x 30cm (w)

Growth Habit:

Tuberous, herbaceous plant with heart shaped leaves.


Prefers cool weather. Often used as an indoor plant in Melbourne but can be grown outside in a shady area of the garden. Indoor plants benefit from a night or two outside every week but be sure to place them in a sheltered position (from rain and harsh conditions). No direct sun rays on the leaves as sunlight is too strong and will scorch many indoor plants. Keep away from direct air flow from a heating or cooling vent.

General Care and Maintenance:

  • Can be grown indoors or outside in a shady position in Melbourne.
  • Watering: Avoid getting foliage and flowers wet. Watering is best done by sitting the plant in a saucer of water for approximately 10 minutes. Once the soil has taken up moisture, remove from water. Never let the plant sit in water permanently or it will rot. Always let cyclamen dry out before watering again. This is best checked by scratching the top centimetre of soil back with your finger. Over watering is a common reason for losing cyclamen. If plant is kept cool, water more sparingly.
  • Fertilising: Use slow release fertiliser (this is already present in all good potting mixes). For best blooms, apply a liquid fertiliser specifically for flowering plants (such as 'Thrive' for flowering plants) every 1-2 weeks from March to September.
  • When repotting, use good quality potting mix such as 'The Greenery Potting Mix' available in bags in store. Always plant cyclamens proud - so you can see a little of their round tuber (root) sticking up out from the potting mix.
  • Deadhead (remove old flowers), pluck off dead or damaged foliage to keep plant looking its best.

Design Tips:

Stunning, nodding flowers adds soft or bold colour to interiors. Cyclamen look great on coffee tables or on outdoor settings that are in shaded alfresco areas.


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