Fiddle Leaf Fig

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Ficus lyrata

Plant availability:

Please note that plants are often subject to growers' stocking levels and seasonal availability.


West Africa

Common Names:

Fiddle-Leaf Fig (due to leaf shape), Banjo Fig


2m (h), up to 1.5m (w) prune to keep height restricted. Prune to encourage branching and therefore a fuller shape.

Another variety, Ficus lyrata 'Bambino' is smaller in height and leaf size (about 1m high and 50cm wide).

Growth Habit:

Tree with large, thick violin-shaped leaves, which have a leathery texture and yellow-green veins. New growth is a paler green and deepens to a dark green as leaf matures.


Indoors in a bright, filtered light position is best. Tolerates cold temperatures but performs better in warmer conditions. No direct sun rays on the leaves as sunlight is too strong and will scorch many indoor plants. Keep away from direct air flow from a heating or cooling vent.

General Care and Maintenance:

  • Grow as an indoor plant in Melbourne. Performs well in a sun room without direct sun rays on the leaves.
  • Watering: Water regularly in spring, summer and autumn (during warm weather) but allow the soil to dry out slightly before watering again. This is best checked by scratching the top 2 cm of soil back with your finger. Water sparingly through winter. If you keep your home cool over summer, adjust watering accordingly.
  • Humidity: Ficus lyrata benefits from regular misting with a hand-spray.
  • Fertilising: Use slow release fertiliser (this is already present in all good potting mixes) however it will need to be topped up every 3 - 6 months (depending on the brand and application rates). In warm weather, apply a liquid fertiliser such as 'Powerfeed' every 1-2 weeks.
  • When repotting, use good quality potting mix such as 'The Greenery Potting Mix' available in bags in store.
  • Prune to control height or encourage thicker growth. Remove dead or damaged foliage to keep plant looking its best.

Design Tips:

A sculptural, foliage plant which is incredibly trendy at the moment. Looks fantastic in a basket instead of a pot (place the pot in the basket for aesthetics and take it out to water and let drain). Excellent tall corner plant that becomes denser with pruning. Can be kept smaller by restricting pot size and pruning. If this is done, trim roots and repot every couple of years to keep the plant happy in a restricted root space.


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