Instant Turf

Instant turf is available in Sir Walter buffalo, Tall Fescue, Kikuyu and Santa Ana Couch.

Turf rolls: Approximately 2.5m long and 40cm wide which covers about 1m2

Delivery: Direct from supplier : available 6 days a week at a cost of $99.00
               From The Greenery : delivery fee will apply. Please call us for further details on 03 9450 2560.

If turf is ordered before noon on Wednesdays, turf will be available for collection at The Greenery Landscape Supplies Yard early Saturday morning.

Sir Walter Buffalo

Tall Fescue
Couch (Santa Ana)

Sir Walter Buffalo - Australia's No. 1 best selling buffalo!

Soft to touch yet rugged by nature, Sir Walter is a shade and sun tolerant grass bred in Australia for Australian conditions! Sir Walter is drought tolerant, low maintenance and self -repairs from damage. It has lush, tight green foliage and creeps along the soil surface.
Additional Notes:
  • Mowing height of approximately 35mm to 45mm in full sun
  • Mowing height of approximately 50mm to 60mm in shade

  • Requires minimal watering to maintain lush green appearance
  • Can spread into garden beds
  • Sun and shade tolerant

  • Long growing season (self-repairs like no other lawn!)

  • Low maintenance (Water occasionally and fertilise twice a year)
  • Soft to touch
  • Low allergy
  • Tight growth keeps out most weeds
  • Salt tolerant

Tall Fescue - with 5% Bluegrass

Tall Fescue is one of the most popular lawn types used throughout Victoria with a medium to broadleaf turf and attractive deep green colour which it maintains throughout the year if   fertilised and watered regularly.  Due to a deep root system, Tall Fescue is adaptable to a wide range of soil conditions and is described as a bladed grass that does not creep and invade garden beds. It does however require regular irrigation throughout Victoria's hot dry weather and will not self-repair like creeping lawns will. Instead, bare or dead patches in tall fescue lawns must be oversown with more fescue seed.

Additional Notes:
  • Handles moderate levels of foot traffic
  • Ideal mowing height: 40 to 60mm
  • Fertilise every 8 - 10 weeks
  • Ideal for around swimming pools

  • Maintains green colour throughout all seasons
  • Must be kept watered over warmer months
  • Does not invade garden beds and grow where not wanted
  • Will not self-repair in bare lawn patches - must be oversown with seed

  • Not as tough as other lawns - requires more care and maintenance


Kikuyu is a very vigorous, drought tolerant lawn that is commonly used in parks, sports fields and residential applications. It is a fast growing, creeping grass that spreads via "runners" which is why it is perfect for high traffic areas. Kikuyu can self-repair and is extremely tough which makes it a perfect selection for homeowners with dogs and children and a busy lifestyle. This hard wearing lawn is a medium blade grass that thrives in hot, sunny positions and is low maintenance. Kikuyu is a warm-season grass and so it can loose its vibrant green colour throughout Melbourne's Winter to early Spring (depending on how cold it gets and whether there is frost).

Additional notes:
  • Deep strong root system once established
  • Requires full sun for best results
  • May yellow a little over Melbourne's Winter and early Spring (being a warm season grass)
  • Best established during the growing seasons (Spring, Summer and Autumn)

  • Drought tolerant
  • Loses colour over Winter during dormancy
  • Self-repairing
  • Can spread into garden beds via runners
  • Hard wearing and tough (perfect for dogs and children)

  • Low Maintenance (less watering and fertilising)

  • Fast growing

Couch (Santa Ana)

Santa Ana Couch is a fine leaf couch which spreads via "runners" above and below the soil. Santa Ana is one of few lawns which can be kept very short and still look fantastic (between 10 and 20mm). in fact, couch is used on many golf tees and fairways throughout Australia. Santa Ana Couch is extremely tough, drought tolerant, hard wearing and low maintenance. It is best planted in full sun and will tolerate almost anything except shade. As with all types of warm season spreading grasses, couch will self-repair during warm seasons (Spring to Autumn) and become dormant during Winter.

  • Can be kept very short for a neatly manicured lawn
  • Will be dormant over Winter
  • Drought tolerant
  • Can spread into garden beds via runners
  • Self-repairing

  • Hard wearing and tough (perfect for dogs and children)

  • Low Maintenance (less watering and fertilising)
  • Fast growing

For more information or to place an order, please contact our landscape yard on 03 9450 2560.

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