Laurus nobilis

Laurus nobilis

Bay Tree

Popular cultivars include: 'Miles Choice,' 'Baby Bay,' and 'Flavour Master'

Traditional bay trees can grow to a height to 10m if left unpruned.
'Miles Choice' is a NEW narrow growing form to 6m high (if not pruned) and up to 3m in width.
'Baby Bay' and 'Flavour Master' are fantastic new dwarf varieties that can be used to create beautiful, productive hedges around your veggie patch. These dwarf varieties mature to a height of 1 - 1.5m but can be pruned to 0.5m or shaped into a topiary ball.

Full sun to full shade.


Plant in well drained soil and fertilise in Spring and Autumn for best results. Can be cut back quite hard to maintain desired size. Frost tolerant.


Creates a tall, deep green hedge that can be pruned lower if desired. Perfect backdrop for other garden plants. Prunes into standards and other topiary shapes well. Looks fantastic espaliered on a wall or fence. Try growing as a pleached hedge - this will give you more space to plant underneath and create depth of space. See our pleached Bay hedge in our display gardens for inspiration.

Culinary: Yes, this is the traditional bay leaf used in soups, stews, with meat dishes and sauces! A hedge that is both functional and productive!

Available sizes:

Please note that plants and available pot sizes are often subject to seasonal availability and growers' stocking levels. 

14cm pots
20cm pots
25cm pots
30cm pots
40cm pots
50cm pots
Super Advanced pleached stock for instant privacy.
Also available as established espaliered plants and standards.

Additional information:
Now on display as an established hedge in our new gardens. Come in and see our stunning hedge examples today!


Above left: Pleached traditional Bay tree with Buxus 'balls' (English box) planted in foreground
Above right: Pleached traditional Bay tree with Gardenia 'florida' planted beneath.

Above: 'Miles Choice' NEW narrow growing form of bay tree grown as a hedge. Raphiolepis 'Oriental Pearl' grown in front as a tough, low maintenance border plant.

Please note that plants and available pot sizes are often subject to seasonal availability and growers' stocking levels. 

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